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Michael Hayes opened the Powerstroke Shop in 2013.  As a Ford Senior Master Certified Technician, he worked as a Powerstroke Specialist for 11 years at Ford Dealerships in North Carolina and South Carolina.  After leaving the Ford Dealership in 2013, Michael established the Powerstroke Shop.  He has hand picked an elite and professional group of technicians with the knowledge,  training, and experience required to meet the high standards of quality and workmanship the Powerstroke Shop has become recognized for.

We have a combined 25 plus years in the automotive repair business, 15 plus combined years working strictly on Powerstroke Diesels, we do not replace parts, we find the root cause and fix the problem. Many repair facilities often "over repair" or "misdiagnose" concerns with these engines due to the lack of extensive experience.  Before you take your $10,000+ Powerstroke Diesel Engine to a facility that may only work on a few Ford Diesels a month,  contact us first,  with our amount of experience and the fact that we primarily only work on Powerstroke Diesel equipped vehicles,  you'll be assured your vehicle will be diagnosed and repaired in the most efficient way possible and most importantly the first time.


When you bring your Powerstroke equipped vehicle to us, we make sure it leaves trouble-free so you can have your freedom, and your peace of mind.

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